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Opera Beyond the Usual – Little Women Edition

Navigating unfamiliar plots; Little Women edition

Maestra Dana Sadava, Lyrical & Modern

Meet Maestra Dana Sadava and hear her insights into lyrical and modern elements of Adamo’s American masterpiece in this brief video interview.

Puccini, Modernism & La Rondine by William 'Rock' Hill

Giacomo Puccini as a modernist; influenced by the Viennese School in tonality and by Debussy in harmony and orchestration?

Opera in a Yankee Key by Michael Stevens, Ph.D

Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women as an opera? How did it occur to composer and librettist Mark Adamo that this would make an opera?

The Importance of Little Women

The importance of Little Women to generations of women.

Dr. Michael Shahani conducts January 26th

Dr. Michael Shahani conducts, January 26th Rimsky-Korsakov double-bill; Mozart & Salieri, and, Kashchey the Immortal.

Writing & Rewriting La Sonnambula by Steven Kahn

“There is no writing—just rewriting”. Composer Vincenzo Bellini and librettist Felice Romani found this to be abundantly so.

Opera Beyond the Usual: Kashchey the Immortal

Navigating unfamiliar plots; Kashchey the Immortal and Mozart & Salieri

Island City Opera’s Comic Sleepwalker

Island City Opera presents Vincenzo Bellini’s bel canto masterpiece, La Sonnambula, in comic style.

Vincenzo Bellini’s Place of Honor in Opera by William 'Rock' Hill

Vincenzo Bellini’s place of honor in opera history.