Don Quixote

The moon-struck old Knight shows us the true meaning of love in Massenet’s comic-heroic allusion to Cervantes’ novel.

Island City Opera presents Jules Massenet’s rarely performed masterpiece, “Don Quixote, the Knight of the long face” (“Don Quichotte” in Massenet’s French), the poignant story of the old gentleman’s quest and his world-weary insights about honor, nobility and love.

The old Knight ventures out to set wrongs to right.  Falls in love with the beautiful but shallow Dulcinee.  Concocts a quest to retrieve her stolen jewelry.  Wins the admiration of the bandits who’ve stolen.  Will he win the heart of his beloved?

The opera’s story is more an allusion to Cervantes’ novel than it’s explicit telling, as any theatrical attempt to present the epic novel must be.

The opera will be sung in its original French with English super-titles.

Tickets are on sale online and through the Box Office at (510) 263-8060.


All performances are held at the Alameda Elks Lodge Ballroom, 2255 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda CA.



La belle Dulcinee             Buffy Baggott

Don Quichotte                William Pickersgill

Sancho                             Igor Vieira

Pedro                               Eileen Meredith

Garcias                            Maria Caycedo

Rodriguez                        Michael Belle

Juan                                  Darron Flagg

Chief of the Bandits        Don Hoffman

Two valets                        Elmer Strasser, Robert Boyd

Four bandits                    Elmer Strasser, Robert Boyd, Michael Stevens, Richard Bogart

Chorus: Rachel Deatherage, Joy Graham, Claire Karoly, Veronique Kherian,  Chrystabel Nunoo, Sarah Sophia Pun, Mithuna Sivaraman, Richard Bogart, Robert Boyd, Don Hoffman, Sean Niles, Michael Orlinsky, Michael Stevens, Elmer Strasser,

All performances are held at the Alameda Elks Lodge Ballroom, 2255 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda CA.

Get to know Massenet’s Don Quichotte

Don Quixote's Heartbreak

Performance Calendar

donqcalartboard-1Special Preview Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 7:30PM

Opening Night Friday, March 3, 2017 at 7:30PM

Sunday Matinee, Sunday March 5, 2017 at 2:00PM

Friday Date Night, Friday, March 10, 2017 at 7:30PM

Closing Matinee, Sunday March 12, 2017 at 2:00PM

Opera run time is approximately 2 hours

Anchor Society Lectures

Island City Opera’s Anchor Society invites you to join them for the Anchor Society Lectures held one hour prior to the curtain.

Seating & Prices




Single Preview TicketsGeneral Admission for Adults $25, Students (13 to 21 with student id) $10, Children (12 and under) $0.

Discount Season Pass: (Save $5.  1 ticket for each Preview) Adult $45.





Single Performance Tickets: Reserved Sofa seats are $45.  Front Row Cafe Table Seats (4 seats per table) are $60.  Large Table Seats (10 seats per table) are $60.

Discount Season Passes(Save up to $12.  1 ticket any Performance of each show).  General Admission seats $72, Reserved Sofa Seats $81, Large Tables $108 and Front Row Cafe Tables $108.General Admission seats for Adults $40, Seniors $36, Students (13 to 21 with Student ID) $10, and, Child $0.

Drinks & Concessions

Drinks will be on sale at the Bar at the rear of the Ballroom before the performance and during intermission and immediately afterwards.  Wine will be on sale from the rolling bar near the stage before the curtain and during intermission.

Concessions will be on sale before the performance and during intermission from a variety of concessionaires who will be announce via email prior to the performance.

Don Quixote Cast

Chaliapin Favorite “Don Quixote” in Alameda

One of the first great performances I heard on record (it was a real record, made of vinyl) at a young age was Feodor Chaliapin, singing the final scene from Massenet’s Don Quixote

Maria Caycedo sings Garcias, one of Dulcinee’s quartet of ardent pursuers

Maria sings Garcias, one of the quartet of Dulcinee’s ardent pursuers. In opera, the role of Garcias is known as a ‘pants role’, a woman singing the character of a young man.

Don Quichotte Director’s Notes

I discovered Massenet’s Don Quichotte listening to the American bass Samuel Ramey sing both Quichotte and Sancho sing the entire fifth act of the opera. That was a revelatory experience that has haunted me for 20 years.

Buffy Baggott Gets The Guy

One of her early projects was starring in Rigoletto opposite Bill Pickersgill, who will also be the Don Quixote to her Dulcinée. While their characters are doomed to broken hearts, Baggott and Pickersgill have a much more joyful fate in store – the costars are engaged to be married.

Don Quixote’s Quest Through Novel History

Don Quixote has been a part of this world since it sprang from the imagination of a brilliant Spanish writer more than four centuries ago becoming new-yet-interconnected works in the crucibles of others’ imaginations.

William Pickersgill Stars as Don Quixote

In 1991 Bill Pickersgill picked up the Chronicle’s pink section and was shocked to see his own name.

William Pickersgill sings Don Quixote

Bass-Baritone William Pickersgill, a Bay Area native and mainstay at the San Francisco Opera for more than 20 years, portrays the title role in Jules Massenet’s Don Quixote, The Knight of the Long Face.

San Francisco Classical Voice: Island City Opera Flips Poster and Repertory

Island City Opera Flips Poster and Repertory. Having text and art going different ways on the poster for Island City Opera’s production of Massenet’s Don Quixote mirrors a newborn company’s daring in its third season, getting away from the usual warhorses.

Michael Belle joins quartet of Dulcinee’s ardent pursuers

Michael Belle joins Island City Opera’s production of Massenet’s Don Quichotte as Rodriguez, one of Dulcinee’s retinue of ardent pursuers.

Buffy Baggott as Dulcinee

Island City Opera is delighted to announce that Buffy Baggott will make her company debut singing the role of Dulcinee in Massenet’s Don Quichotte.

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza by Daumier

Miguel de Cervantes’s novel Don Quixote became popular in France between 1768 and 1773 through numerous French translations. Jean-Honoré Fragonard, who in so many ways was the key painter to shape Daumier’s art, had planned to illustrate one of these editions of Don Quixote. For Daumier, Cervantes’s antihero Don Quixote personifies life’s folly and grandeur. The skeletal old knight astride his nag Rocinante, followed by his faithful squire Sancho Panza, offers a trenchant image of antiquated values, maintained to the despair of a loving, realistic companion, as retraced along Cervantes’s penetrating lines.